oakley m frame sunglass sale


oakley m frame sunglass sale


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    About W.Scott Forrest Gemstones
    438 Clovis Ave.
    Clovis, CA  93612
    ph/fax (559) 298-6584


    Please let me introduce myself and tell you a few things about my business. My name is  W. "Scott" Forrest. I have been faceting gemstones and making jewelry since 1988. I feel very lucky to have grown up around the mining and gemstone business. My father Bill and his partner Buzz Gray owned the "Benitoite Gem Mine" for about 35 years. It was amazing to have grown up going to the mine with them and seeing the finds. They have both taught me so much and inspired me in the business. I learned to facet and they had me cut Benitoite and other precious stones. Gradually I began to buy/sell my own gems and in 1993 opened a retail store in Old Town Clovis. I can't believe it has now been over 21 years. Clovis is a small western town very similar in charm to Old Town Sacramento. Clovis is on the N/E side of Fresno, near the center of California, about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. My emphasis and passion has always been on loose gems. Most I have faceted and handle each one to maximize it's beauty and value. From preform to polish, I take great care to produce a superior product. Over the years my business has been changing and now much of it comes from the internet.  Whether you come in my store, buy online, or see me in Tucson,  I will try to make you happy and earn your business for future sales and referrals. Please click on some of the gemstone names above to see my available inventory.

    My Store in Old Town Clovis, Ca.

    Booth in Tucson 2014 - Riverpark Inn Ballroom

    Terms of Business
    Master Card, VISA, Discover, PayPal
    Cashier's/Personnel Checks & Money Orders Welcome

    Ordering Info

    When ordering, I would like to speak with you. My office hours are from 11 a.m. -5:30 pm P.S.T. Monday thru Friday. If this is not a convenient time, please leave a message.  (559-298-6584),
     I will call you back. You can also reach me by email:

    Personal checks require clearance from my bank before items are shipped. For security reasons, please leave credit card information by telephone only. Shipping charges are $5.00-$20.00 depending on your order. Items are sent by U.S. Post Office, registered/insured or overnight mail.


    I guarantee your satisfaction with a ten day inspection period. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, just call, and I will promptly refund your money, less postage on any undamaged, unaltered merchandise.

    Amethyst mined from Shaver Lake Ca.

    This is the same stone recut. It looked pretty good before, but notice how the color is now more even. Also, the window or fish eye is removed. Results are a much more brilliant stone.
    Tanzanite 7.70ct - 6.76ct