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Desiccants - bulk & packaged:

Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina, Clays

As dealers/distributors for air dryers , we supply replacement desiccant and filter cartridge elements at substantial savings for all compressed air dryers. This includes Henderson's activated alumina and especially their expensive "Sahara-Sorb" for the Sahara-Pak dryers. as well as desiccants and parts for SPX Air / Flair / Deltech, Pioneer, Pall, PPC Pneumatic Products, Van Air, Hankison, Gas Drying, Twin Tower Engineering, Zeks, Zurn, Parker / Balston, Pure Gas / Mobile Tool, Dryomatic - Wedgewood II, Lectrodryer, Commercial Drying Technologies, and (of course) Anderson units.

As distributors, we deal directly with the prime suppliers of high-quality desiccants to offer competitive pricing & fast delivery of quality material.

For many materials, we can ship same-day for orders placed before noon to provide next-day delivery within overnight-freight range.

We offer significant savings below the private-labelled re-sale prices quoted by OEM manufacturers.

Technical Help: We can assist with spent-sample analysis and tech service. 

Silica Gel

Granular or Beaded:
White or blue indicator 
per Mil-D-3716

Packed in 500 gram, 5-lb., 30-lb., 60-lb., 110-lb., 150-lb. and 300-lb containers

Bagged (Mil spec):
1/6 Unit thru 80 Unit per Mil-D-3464
Desi-view sg (color change desiccant)
Custom sizes and imprinting available

1/8 gram thru 10 grams, FDA listed
Continuous strip (automatic loading type)

1/2 gram thru 3 grams

Molecular Sieves

Types 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X

Packed in 5-lb., 30-lb., 60-lb., 110-lb., and 300-lb. containers

1/6 Unit thru 80 Unit
Custom sizes and imprinting available

1/8 gram thru 10 grams


Carbon Molecular Sieves

for PSA air-separation, Nitrogen-generation

Humidity Indicators

5% RH to 90% RH per Mil-I-8835
MS-20003 series per Mil-I-8835
SDM - humitector (indicator for ESD dry pack)
Custom sizes, ranges, and imprits available

5% RH to 90% RH per Mil-I-26860
Desiccator type with indicator
Indicating spark plug type


Montmorillonite Clay

1/6 Unit thru 80 Unit per Mil-D-3464
Class 100 clean room acceptable, FDA listed
Continuous strip (automatic loading type)
Desi-view (color change desiccant)
Container-Dri (ocean container desiccant)

1/8 gram thru 10 grams

packed in 300-lb. and 1 850. "Tote" IBC containers


Deliquescent Tablets

packed in 50# bags


Because - regardless of how comprehensive - brochures and website descriptions cannot substitute for personal assistance, we invite you to direct contact. We can help most when you can provide a description of your requirements in terms of process info, objectives, rates, conditions, and present techniques .... in short, the problem(s) to solve and the existing constraints. 

Please call (610-868-7525), fax (610-758-9033) or e-mail to discuss your application.

Below this line, an old web page being phased out.
Desiccants and adsorbents for compressed air dryers, space and container (shipping container) humidity control, and other drying and adsorption applications.
Activated alumina, molecular sieves, silica lite, and silica gel desiccants, carbon molecular sieves, and clay adsorbents and in a full range of sizes: bulk containers, barrels, pails, bags, through small packets for inserts

The "AbsorPole" is an innovative desiccant configuration to prevent condensation and "container rain" in intermodal sea and truck shipping containers.

Absorpole is made expressly for 20-ft and 40-ft shipping containers for ocean and intermodal transport and designed specifically to fit "flush" into the space of the corrugations of the walls of shipping containers without taking space or interfering with loading the containers.

More information here.

As distributors/reps for compressed air dryers and supplies, we work directly with the prime suppliers of dryer desiccants:

We welcome special requests. Please contact us with your inquiry if what you need can't be found in the table below.

One request we have received quite often is Silica Gel for the drying of flowers. Click here for the answer.

Another is Silica Gel for Cat Litter applications. Click here for that answer.

  activated alumina

molecular sieves

silica lite

silica gel


clay desiccants pre-packed in sachets, bags, and canisters from 1/8 grams through 10 lbs.

and in custom sizes and with special imprints.

Color-change desiccant and humidity-indicating strips.

and deliquescent absorbents to offer very competitive pricing and fast delivery.

Same-day shipping, next-day delivery: We can ship many materials same-day for orders placed before noon (EST, USA) and can usually provide next-day delivery within overnight freight range.

Activated Alumina Desiccant: for pressure dew points to minus 40F

Activated alumina is the material most commonly used in ‘permanent desiccant’ compressed air dryers. It provides a dew point at or below -40F at line pressure.

There is virtually no difference in the moisture-absorbing ability of the activated aluminas from the major producers. However, there are differences in the screen size ranges they separate their beads into.

It’s available in two size ranges, equally priced: 2-5mm & 4-8mm ( 1/8-1/4” and 3/16-5/16”).

Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves: Gel and sieves are used alone or layered with the alumina to achieve lower dew points. Gel & sieves can provide dew points below minus 100F.

We provide 3A, 4A, 5A, molecular sieves, and  TriSiv Type13X APG 10 to remove moisture and CO2 from air plant feeds and for drying organic liquids. 4A is Sodium Alumino Silicate with a pore dimension of 4 ngstoms.  3A, Potassium Alumino Silicate, has undergone a replacement of the smaller Na atom with the larger potassium K atom which produces the smaller 3 pore and more selective adsorption of smaller molecules. It's widely used to dehumidify organic gases and liquids. 

"Silica Lite": is an old name for a former UCC material. The current HS3000 is a hydrophobic acid- and temp-resistant mole sieve, available as both powder and pellets.

Molecular Sieves: We also provide molecular sieves and equipment for small-volume air-separation use.  Please contact us for your requirements or to discuss your application..

Technical Help:  We can assist with tech service for vessel sizing and spent-sample analysis.

May we quote P & D ? We’d like to earn your request to quote for replacement desiccant for all desiccant air dryers –including proprietary designs– and dryer components.

Contact us  and why not ‘bookmark’ this site ?  

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