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Manufacturers' Representatives; Equipment, Systems, and Services to the Process Industries

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Carl Anderson
5 Christopher Lee Drive
New Oxford, PA 17350 USA
Owner, Manufacturers’ Representatives Agency:
New Oxford , PA:

1984 to Present
Providing knowledgeable technical representation for process, materialhandling, pollution-control, process instrumentation sensor systems plus technical commodity materials to the process industries in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, metro New York, Delaware, and Maryland, with distribution world-wide.
Regional Sales Manager
Littleford Bros., Inc.
Florence, KY
Sold capital process equipment to a full spectrum of the process industries - chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mineral, glass, plastics, metallurgical, and environmental. Developed leads, initiated contacts, conducted seminars, coordinated lab test & field programs, prepared & presented quotations.
Closed sales.
Organized local trade show displays & exhibits at technical society meetings.

Produced a first-6-months sales record over 75% of the best prior full-year total for the territory, scheduled 50% more lab and field tests than any other sales rep, and developed a sales/quotation ratio more than twice the corporate average.
Operating Engineer
Scientific Design Co.
New York, NY
Supervised the on-site inspection, testing, start-up, and proved the operation of new turn-key chemical process plants. Trained and directed clients' operators and engineers.

Wrote process description and detailed plant operating manuals. Performed troubleshooting and optimized processes, tuned control systems of conventional and computer-controlled instrument systems.

Reviewed processes with design department.
* Neftochim Kombinat Bulgaria Ethylene Oxide/Glycol
* USS Chemicals Ohio Analine
* Maleic, S.A. Argentina Maleic Anhydride
* Polistireno Mexico Polystyrene
Chemical Engineer:
National Gypsum Company
Lansdale, PA
Developed new and improved manufacturing processes and new products. Scaled-up and translated these from bench and pilot scale to full commercial production. Wrote detailed operating instructions and supporting project reports.

Provided technical assistance to Marketing and Manufacturing.

Monitored state & federal agency regulations and code groups' actions.

Supported ASTM, CPSC, and NSC programs in areas of corporate interest

Results: Developed several products introduced commercially, one having properties superior to any on the market and at lowest manufacturing cost.

Designed original lab equipment used to identify a series of cost-effective additives to reduce power consumption in plant extrusion process.

Helped develop several test and installation methods and standards with trade and code groups.

One publication.
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Project Leader
Chemical Engineering Department
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA
Masters degree research in polymer science.

Supervised the instrument lab and taught analog computation. Conducted several contract research projects.

Results: Designed a novel fluidic-electronic hybrid device to measure liquid composition and directed an undergraduate design team in adapting this lab concept to practical on-line control of a distillation column composition. Modified this concept to develop a fluidic detector element for dedicated plant process-control gas chromatography.

One publication.
Development Engineer
Monsanto Company
Decatur, Alabama
Developed batch and continuous emulsion, solution, & dispersion polymers and polymer processes and synthetic fiber spinning processes. Scaled-up and translated these from bench and pilot plant to full-plant commercialization. Organized the work and instructed pilot and production plant operators. Wrote the operating instruction manuals for plant and pilot plant processes and supporting process documentation.

One process and product patent.
B.S. and M.S. Chemical Engineering

Additional work toward Ph.D.
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Masters thesis on special polymerization technique for preparing polymer composites.
Additional graduate-level research in process control instrumentation. Course emphasis in process control instrumentation, polymer science, kinetics, math, statistical methods & experimental design, distillation.

One publication.
PUBLICATIONS: U.S. Patent 3642273: "Bead Polymer Product and Process"

ASTM STP 649: "Walkway Surfaces; Measurement of Slip Resistance"

Ind.Eng.Chem. Fundamentals: "A Fluidic-Electronic Hybrid System for Measuring Compositions of Binary Mixtures"
MISCELLANEOUS / PERSONAL: Member: IFT, American Society of Swedish Engineers,
Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Philadelphia
Former co-chair, ASTM Symposium
U.S. citizen / passport. Good health.
Chairman, annual Scandinavian cultural festival
Former scout & scouter
Interests in photography, woodwork, bicycling